Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ram Sena Vs. Ravan Sena

Now the time has come that we decide whether our society be rule by slogan like “Jai Shri Ram” or by basic slogan of our nation “ Satyamev Jayate”. To be concerned about religious sentiments or concerned about the basic fundamental rights of eople. According to some sense less fanatics, a girl should not travel in a bus with a boy who may be her classmate, boyfriend or even brother. The recent events happening in Manglore or elsewhere in country are very disheartening for a person like me who believes in the teachings of god rather than the god himself. Never did Ram preach to take law in hand; never did he say that to save the so called culture beating of girls is permitted. He preached love, so did saint valentine. In a way both were preaching the same thing that love is above all. We can in fact call valentine day, Ram divas for the similarity in teaching. Now talking about the so called culture of our country, Lord Krshina stories of his love games with gopis are well known. The dances which took place in king’s court can be compared to bar dances. Prostitution has been the part of society from the times of ashoka.

Coming to more important point that why then Ram Sena doing it. If I at this age can understand these things then why are those guys not getting it? India has gone through so much during 08 that we should understand that these pity topics are of no value. What has happened in Karnataka clearly shows the inability of our political leaders in stopping the fanaticism in the initial levels. We will wait till trishuls are distributed and then will think of taking action. Ram Sena has directly challenged the law of nation and nor State nor the central government has done anything about it.

We Hindus have been ruled by Muslims, then by Christians, now by fanatics. When will the time come that we are ruled by our consciousness and logic. If what is happening is right in your opinion then I would rather join ravan sena and support the rights of people than joining your Ram Sena.

PS: Blog is dedicated to Abhishek and Pavan who have professed similar thoughts. 


Kamal said...

very righteous sentiments i must say.i agree to your sentiments but am somewhat flustered at the way u said it.
"St.Valentine = Ram Divas" ???

The dances in king's courts were more of a thing of art then the lustful movements of a bar girl.plz do not compare the Indian Classical Arts with what happens in a bar.those dances take years to learn and are in no way vulgar.

ur portrayal of indian history and mythology does not make an Indian proud.I am against prostitution.It doesnt matter how old this business is....

I am also an anti-hindutva Indian. I strictly oppose contemporary view of todays religious leaders.
Me and u and the rest of us share this common feeling.

But plz be careful with words.

Himanshu Gupta said...

As Ram is sacred to you and me, St. Valentine is also sacred to a part of society. Both have given the same message so love, so I think it is justified to compare the two. Valentine is not such a person that comparing him with ram is in anyway detrimental to someone's faith and belief.

The dance in Kings courts were art but it also had a element of lust into it. And your statement gives a lot of respect to the dancers in courts, but I get a feeling that it also gives a feeling of contempt for bar girls. The job these girls are doing can be either by choice or forced by circumstances but we have to understand it is perfectly fine as long as it is legal, and in no case I find any reason to give them any less respect than anyone else. For the art thing Yes it was more of thing for art by I do not intend to compare the art of the acts.

For the prostitution it is fine that you dislike or rather hostile to it. Even I am, but what i think is that if in any part of society there is a prostitute she deserves respect. Atleast a respect more than what her customer gets. If your thinking that prostitution is bad for society confirms that it is not happening then its ok. But if it happens which we do know, then we should fight for the rights of prostitutes

abhishek said...

Very Well said Himanshu....But I would like to remind everyone reading this blog that this issue is not just about a RAM SENA or pub culture and all, it's about spreading a feeling disorder in the society. When we talk about the modernization of society, it means that we want to create a society where each and every individual has right to exercise his or her will within the permissible law and order.What these people try to do is that they mix religion with rights and laws.Until or unless the Supreme Court doesn't announce these things as illegal, no person can stop any other person from doing that act.That is what a MODERN and DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY is.
Moreover, these ideas are not only against ram sena or bajrang dal people who create a mockery of our nation every valentine in front of whole world, it's about each and every person (MNS is included too Thackeray saab)who takes the law in hands to exercise their choices on the masses.A nation having father a person like Gandhi and main religion as Hinduism, is ashamed of itself if such people don't get their minds on right path as early as possible.

Rashmi said...
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Rashmi said...

PS: Blog is dedicated to Abhishek and Pavan, Abhishek being a modern day Ram and Pavan being a famous bar dancer.

Kamal said...

i never said that i dont respect the bar dancers or St. Valentine..
I am jst saying that presence of such a profession as prostitution and many others which exploits the women of a country, though it makes them financially relatively more self sustainable, is a Big Black Blot on the face of a country. It not only makes the life of those sex workers miserable but also paves the way for future generations to fall into the same disgusting pit.
If someone falls into a pit and is impossible to retrieve then its our duty to help them. But wudnt it be much better to remove the pits alltogether???In the same way our duty is not only to provide sufficient rights to them but also to see that other girls do not follow the same path.
Its never a case of choice. Its becoz they have no choice left.No girl in this world wud like to grow up to be a prostitute.

U said ::"we have to understand it is perfectly fine as long as it is legal"
NO my friend laws can be changed.This law is made jst to relieve them of the repercussions of committing a crime.Presence of such a law does not make it right..

And regarding the dances, "lust" "love" "hatred" "pain" and more are the feelings that has always been a part of arts round the globe. But dancing solely for lustful eyes and then being misbehaved and horrible things done to is not at all tolerable to me in any way.

Well i believe i completely digressed from the main topic but i guess its fine..

Himanshu Gupta said...

Prostitution has been present in our society or rather in all the societies in the world for time immemorial, this means its a need of society.
U like it or not my friend it will always happen, and nowhere we or anyone else is in a position to prevent it with the present law and order system. I support that prevention should be there, but since it is a difficult tasks till then we should fight for the rights of prostitutes.
Also I see no moral harm in prostitution as a way to earn money in order to live life. I would like you to justify why prostitution according to you is bad. Many countries have legalized it, and I support doing same in India

pavan said...

oye i can just be bar dancer.but you are spreading prostitution by being a voyeur.

Himanshu Gupta said...
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Himanshu Gupta said...

I m not spreading prostitution but fighting for the cause of prostitutes and their rights.
The guy who has spread it is the one who spent 100 dollars during his internship. :)

pavan said...

so Himanshu the prostitute's lobbyist you want to say that 100 dollars paid was meager compared to services provided or you have problem with the way they are denominated(masti)

Rashmi said...

We should sue Pavan for not fulfilling his contract, in Udaipur. Professionalism is of the essence in every occupation, strippers are no exception. It was very disheartening to see the lack of professionalism in such a famous performer.

pavan said...

lets do out of court settlement.i don't want to spoil my brand image.

abhishek said...

I think we all are going in wrong direction. What my personal experience says, pubs and malls are not prostitution's breeding places. You, me or anyone can go there with friends, hang out for an evening with some drinks and dance with your friends.Same is with malls where you go to spend some time with your family or friends.

I don't understand in what sense these things are ruining our culture.If it does, then I think attacks should also be made on the DESI DARRU Shops, from where around 80 % of liquor is sold in India.

Moreover,in India it is assumed that after the age of 18 an individual can take his or her own decisions.No one can enforce anything upon them.Before 18, govt. has legalised his or her parents to take decisions on behalf of that person.

This is what the law says my dear friend.When you inter-mix religion with violence, it does't remain becomes communalism.

So VHP, Bajrang Dal Ram sena etc who just for the sake of money ( in the form of daaru and prostis..and thats the truth), play with peopleé religious sentiments are the biggest terrorists which our country is facing today.

And you never know. tomorrow India will be renamed officially as Hindustan and Hindu dictators (Mr Praveen Togadiya) will rule this country with trishul in one hand and our motherland in other hand with a hoarding of SOLD written on it.

Suren said...

@ abhishek
Cheating Cheating, You got that idea of sold from my orkut profile pic . Give the credits when you use such innovative ideas of someone :P
Coming to the content, I don't understand who gives you such data about 80% daaru being sold from DESI DAARU shop.
And regarding the pubs and mall, i remember you saying,
"Lets go to Vegas bebe,
We will have booze and prostitutes" :P :D