Sunday, September 21, 2008

" I am a STUPID COMMON man"

 Am I a common man???? Yes i am. Am i Stupid. Can't Say. But one thing is for sure that Common man as a whole is today "stupid". It's not that i m blaming common man for all the events which took place recently, but he is stupid because he knows religion has caused it, and he still follows. I am not preaching any religion nor I am against it, nor this blog wants to repeat that no religion preach violence. 
India is a land of contradiction. When people around the world thought India will take a step back, we raised ourselves from blasts & continued working. Is it true that we are no afraid, or rather we are used to it. I have never seen a blast. Was near the site in jaipur 30 min before blast passing in front of the hanuman temple. I dont know what a victim goes through or a witness goes through. Now what I wan to say is that if we know the religious extrimism can cause this why do we follow this. No one can say their religion is clean. Even Hindus have done such shameful things that I sometimes regret being one. On the other hand Muslims know all stuff about JIHAD. So why do you follow a religion????? My friend says he is not religious but Spiritual( i Comprehended from hi talk and framed it in words for him). I think this is what is required.
Religion is humanism. Not to steal, no violence every religion is same because they are based on humanity. Do we need to teach humans humanism??? I suppose no.
The only this required by all is keep a check on themselves & when the religion takes them away from humanity think & you will choose the right path. Sprituality is not a bookish thing. A stupid common man himself can change according to time, not like religious books that tell us preachings of god knows what time.
There are Two kinds of stupid: onw who is really a stupid, the other who pretends. And believe me the other one is real samrt one. Guess who is an example of it : Our very own "COMMON MAN"