Thursday, March 12, 2009

IIM Calcutta Interview: "Beware of depressors"

To start with the experience I had filled in Calcutta as my center, so went there by train, overall a good trip. For a change had a nice pizza and some good pastries which one cannot get in roorkee.

I reached the center an hour before, the clerk checked my documents, then they called us for GD.
The topic was "Are Entrepreneurial skills different from that of manager". I did not start but was second to speak, didn't speak much, but was OK with some points. In individual summary I spoke for about 40 seconds on my take on topic.

I was the first one to be called for Interview, so i was waiting outside the door, the guy who was second also came and stood besides me. He was a tall huge guy, bengali accent, a student of manipal, he suddenly gets excited and says
B- " You know what, None of us will get selected"
Me - " Whattttt?"
B- " Yes, I am telling you, we were soo bad in gd" ( I didnt know that we did so bad")
Me - " Whatttttt?"
B- " Even you did horribly bad"
Me- " Yaa I know, Koi nahi dost chalta hai"
B -" No, I am telling you no one will get thorugh this group"
Me- " Hmmmmmm"
B - " accept that girl , and the boy beside her, he spoke soo well"
Then the boy he was speaking about was getting his papers checked he goes to him congratulates him as if he has cleared all rounds and says to me " Good luck"
If anyone has Interview left, Please never listen to these type of guys.

Till that time I had no idea I did soo bad in Gd, although I knew I did not spoke much, but not horrible. This was just seconds before I was called in.
This is my interview :

There were 4 panel members, 3 faculty 1 alumini ( Centre was calcutta)
A lady prof. started by reading out my form to the rest saying things like he plays hockey he watches football, and this Himanshu wants to go in a real sector( with a grin on her face)
F1 is the female prof, A1 the alumini, M1, M2 the other ones

M1: You took coaching for iit?
Me: Yes sir
M1: so you are a kota product right? ( Didnt look at me for an answer, kind of wicked smile)
F1: Why Real estate? Do you have any Knowledge?
ME: Yes mam, I am doing my civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee so i have knowledge of civil, Also I did my Intern in L& T
F1: IS L&T in Civil ( she asked the other panel members)?
Me: Yes mam it has been principal contractors on many occasions.
M2: What did you learn there?
ME: Told him had a mix of tech & managerial training
M1: What does the manager in civil really do?
Me: Sir, planning scheduling, also because the projects are long to keep team motivated
F1: So do you require to study it?
Me : yes mam, I think I should have some skills in the field.
M1: Name some real state companies?
Me: Unitech, then i stuttered a bit, then said L&T is a contractor ( Damn!!! I Knew at least 15 names, none of them came, I should have spoken about parsavnath dev, i did my training in 2nd year in it)
M2: Is DlF not?
Me: Yes sir it is, it comes next to unitech.
F1: Have you got a job?
Me: yes mam, In TATA Bluescope Steel in Marketing.
M2: Himanshu Tell us about how you felt in your training?
Me: Sir, It was a good experience, Learned a lot
M2: Was it anything more than books?
Me: Yes sir
M2: That is Why I am saying a Job is better then MBA. Go do the job you have got
Me: Sir, If i am going for a market job, I think it would be better if I have theoritical knowledge
M2: What knowledge , tell us what you want you want to know in marketing?
Me: Sir, everything how to do a market study, how to design the product
M2: See you already know it
Me: Sir but still I need to stuidy it
M2: No, you will learn it by doing it.
Me: Sir I still think I should do it, Also my company will spent 6 months to train me.
M2: See just 6 months
Me: Sir but i dont just want to go in marketing in Real estate.
M2 You can expand slowly
Me: Sir but my growth would be better if I do MBA
M2: What kinda growth
Me: Sir, in terms of many things like package
M2: You will be paying 12 laks here Himanshu
Me: Sir I still think MBA would be the best for me, I have taken job as a back up If I don't get a chance this year

I thought that the why MBA Things closed down, With F1 giving me a reassured smile, then she again started it
F1: Do you think Real estate will sustain, It is in doldrums right now
Me: Gave the prepared answere with few points on why it would sustain
M2: have you been following share market prices of dlf & Unitech
Me: Sir not the exact prices but i have an idea that they have fallen drastically
F1: Do you think A MBA is requires in Civil?
Me: Yes Mam, job is one of the most pressured jobs as you have to keep up with targets, lots of pressure.
F1: Still you want to go?
Me: Yes mam It would allow me to use both my Civil Eng. & MBA skills.

This time it finally ended with A1 who was for the whole time just smiling at my answers
He gave in some theatrical expressions then said:
A1: Why Manchester United?( I had written it that I follow Man utd)
Me: Said all about gud attack, improving defense, Sir Alex tactics & selection of players matching mine. Spoke for around 1 min
A1: You are also supposedly a gud hockey player , Aren't you?
Me: Yes sir ( With some confidance and a proud smile, No one ever called me a good hockey player :) )
A1: Tell me about Indian football & Indian Hockey, whats the difference both are in bad conditions.
Me: Sir, I do not follow Indian football much but from a general sportsman point of view I think Football also lacks talent apart from bad infrastructure, coaching nd all, also it is not follwed in many parts except Bengal, goa Etc. Regarding hockey I gave a prepared answer telling them about recent good performances in recent times, spoke for another 1 min.
M1: What is difference between parabola & heperbola?
Me: Spoke both the equations, tld parabola def also,
M1: what is practical use of hyperbola?
Me: Sir , i do not know any direct application but since it goes to a constant assym.....( Interrupted by him, I was saying they reach a constant value i.e. an assymptotic value.)
M1: What is max value of e power x?
Me: infinity
M1: e power minus x
Me: 0, sorry sir may i take i bot of time>?
M1: yes( they were all smiling)
Me: sir its infinty,
M1: absolutely

M1: Thank you Himanshu, Ohh do you have any questions for us?
Me: No sir.
Thank you sirs, thank you mam.

Overall I am not getting a gud feel, didnt give in my best, In GD I was lazy dont know what was I thinking, Now it's all luck.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My interview experience with IIM Kozikode panel

had my k interview: Profile: Details: PROFILE: Acads: X : 86.6 XII : 82.2 Undergrad Major - 7.54(Civil) Work-Ex: nil CAT %ile:99.85 GD: There were 9 persons in my group. Topic was really absurd. It said something that birds are nuisance in the cities & shall be killed. Very peaceful GD, with everyone participating, I gave in 2-3 valid points. There were 2 profs, One was a chinki, other looked a south Indian.
P1: Tell me about yourself
me: Told, but they didn't stop me, i kept speaking finally i had to say myself thats it
P1: why MBA me: Blah Blah Blah
P1: I dont think real state sector can sustain itself me: tried to explain him it can but he was not convinced
P1 : Why do you think Indian economy is stable
me: Blah Blah Blah
P1: what are the factors which determine if an economy is stable
me: started with political, economic policy
P1: And????
me: Didn't strike anything else so said india is a service sector driven economy, by mistake i said it is export oriented then corrcted myself by saying it is domestic market fed
P1:When & Why did global depression come? me: Answered correctly related to 1st world war
P1: Then why it did not come after 2nd world war?
me: smiled, they also smiled, then said may be company learned there lessons, laughs all around
P1: What are fundamental rights?
Me: told
P1: name some
me: named
P1: In freedom of speech am I allowed to abuse someone?
Me: No sir I dont think you are
P1: Which part of constitution stops me?
P1: Am I allowed to criticise anyone?
Me: yes sir, but our fundamental duty says it to use this right in a righteous manner P1: Are duties inforcible by coonstitution?
Me: no sir they are not
P1: When was emergency declared in India?
me: answered correctly
P1: what is corelation factor?
me: Sir I have never heard this term.
P1: What is mean?
p1: How will you callculate mean height of all the students
p1: what about median?
p1: If median is smaller than mean what does it imply?
me: ansered all these questions
P2: what subjects have you covered in civil engineering?
P2: Tell me aout structural Engineering?
p2: What are different building materials used?
me: i started telling them
p2: what is concrete?
p2: what is cement?
p2: how is cement made?
p2: what other materials?
p2: Is steel good material?
p2: which steel structure You like?
p2: which is stronger steel or concrete?
p2:Tell me history of Jaipur?
p2: have you seen Jodha Akbar?
me: no sir
p2: there was a controversy on the movie?
me : sir i dont know exactly but may be it was on whteher jodha was wife or akbar or salim.
P2 : so why rajasthanis have problem with she being wife of akbar? they Are ok witth salim being her husband? ( hahahahahahha)
me: sir may be akbar doesn't have a good image as he fought war with rana pratap
p2: who was salim?
me: akbar's son
p2: then who was jehangir?
me sir it is salim's other name
P2: then who is Shah jahan?
me: sir it is also name of salim ( it is a wrong answre, he is son of salim)
p2 : are you sure?
me : yes sir
p2 : sure?
me : very sure sir ( How could I do that, confident on wrong answere)
okay himanshu thank you than k you sir

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ram Sena Vs. Ravan Sena

Now the time has come that we decide whether our society be rule by slogan like “Jai Shri Ram” or by basic slogan of our nation “ Satyamev Jayate”. To be concerned about religious sentiments or concerned about the basic fundamental rights of eople. According to some sense less fanatics, a girl should not travel in a bus with a boy who may be her classmate, boyfriend or even brother. The recent events happening in Manglore or elsewhere in country are very disheartening for a person like me who believes in the teachings of god rather than the god himself. Never did Ram preach to take law in hand; never did he say that to save the so called culture beating of girls is permitted. He preached love, so did saint valentine. In a way both were preaching the same thing that love is above all. We can in fact call valentine day, Ram divas for the similarity in teaching. Now talking about the so called culture of our country, Lord Krshina stories of his love games with gopis are well known. The dances which took place in king’s court can be compared to bar dances. Prostitution has been the part of society from the times of ashoka.

Coming to more important point that why then Ram Sena doing it. If I at this age can understand these things then why are those guys not getting it? India has gone through so much during 08 that we should understand that these pity topics are of no value. What has happened in Karnataka clearly shows the inability of our political leaders in stopping the fanaticism in the initial levels. We will wait till trishuls are distributed and then will think of taking action. Ram Sena has directly challenged the law of nation and nor State nor the central government has done anything about it.

We Hindus have been ruled by Muslims, then by Christians, now by fanatics. When will the time come that we are ruled by our consciousness and logic. If what is happening is right in your opinion then I would rather join ravan sena and support the rights of people than joining your Ram Sena.

PS: Blog is dedicated to Abhishek and Pavan who have professed similar thoughts. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

" I am a STUPID COMMON man"

 Am I a common man???? Yes i am. Am i Stupid. Can't Say. But one thing is for sure that Common man as a whole is today "stupid". It's not that i m blaming common man for all the events which took place recently, but he is stupid because he knows religion has caused it, and he still follows. I am not preaching any religion nor I am against it, nor this blog wants to repeat that no religion preach violence. 
India is a land of contradiction. When people around the world thought India will take a step back, we raised ourselves from blasts & continued working. Is it true that we are no afraid, or rather we are used to it. I have never seen a blast. Was near the site in jaipur 30 min before blast passing in front of the hanuman temple. I dont know what a victim goes through or a witness goes through. Now what I wan to say is that if we know the religious extrimism can cause this why do we follow this. No one can say their religion is clean. Even Hindus have done such shameful things that I sometimes regret being one. On the other hand Muslims know all stuff about JIHAD. So why do you follow a religion????? My friend says he is not religious but Spiritual( i Comprehended from hi talk and framed it in words for him). I think this is what is required.
Religion is humanism. Not to steal, no violence every religion is same because they are based on humanity. Do we need to teach humans humanism??? I suppose no.
The only this required by all is keep a check on themselves & when the religion takes them away from humanity think & you will choose the right path. Sprituality is not a bookish thing. A stupid common man himself can change according to time, not like religious books that tell us preachings of god knows what time.
There are Two kinds of stupid: onw who is really a stupid, the other who pretends. And believe me the other one is real samrt one. Guess who is an example of it : Our very own "COMMON MAN"