Saturday, February 28, 2009

My interview experience with IIM Kozikode panel

had my k interview: Profile: Details: PROFILE: Acads: X : 86.6 XII : 82.2 Undergrad Major - 7.54(Civil) Work-Ex: nil CAT %ile:99.85 GD: There were 9 persons in my group. Topic was really absurd. It said something that birds are nuisance in the cities & shall be killed. Very peaceful GD, with everyone participating, I gave in 2-3 valid points. There were 2 profs, One was a chinki, other looked a south Indian.
P1: Tell me about yourself
me: Told, but they didn't stop me, i kept speaking finally i had to say myself thats it
P1: why MBA me: Blah Blah Blah
P1: I dont think real state sector can sustain itself me: tried to explain him it can but he was not convinced
P1 : Why do you think Indian economy is stable
me: Blah Blah Blah
P1: what are the factors which determine if an economy is stable
me: started with political, economic policy
P1: And????
me: Didn't strike anything else so said india is a service sector driven economy, by mistake i said it is export oriented then corrcted myself by saying it is domestic market fed
P1:When & Why did global depression come? me: Answered correctly related to 1st world war
P1: Then why it did not come after 2nd world war?
me: smiled, they also smiled, then said may be company learned there lessons, laughs all around
P1: What are fundamental rights?
Me: told
P1: name some
me: named
P1: In freedom of speech am I allowed to abuse someone?
Me: No sir I dont think you are
P1: Which part of constitution stops me?
P1: Am I allowed to criticise anyone?
Me: yes sir, but our fundamental duty says it to use this right in a righteous manner P1: Are duties inforcible by coonstitution?
Me: no sir they are not
P1: When was emergency declared in India?
me: answered correctly
P1: what is corelation factor?
me: Sir I have never heard this term.
P1: What is mean?
p1: How will you callculate mean height of all the students
p1: what about median?
p1: If median is smaller than mean what does it imply?
me: ansered all these questions
P2: what subjects have you covered in civil engineering?
P2: Tell me aout structural Engineering?
p2: What are different building materials used?
me: i started telling them
p2: what is concrete?
p2: what is cement?
p2: how is cement made?
p2: what other materials?
p2: Is steel good material?
p2: which steel structure You like?
p2: which is stronger steel or concrete?
p2:Tell me history of Jaipur?
p2: have you seen Jodha Akbar?
me: no sir
p2: there was a controversy on the movie?
me : sir i dont know exactly but may be it was on whteher jodha was wife or akbar or salim.
P2 : so why rajasthanis have problem with she being wife of akbar? they Are ok witth salim being her husband? ( hahahahahahha)
me: sir may be akbar doesn't have a good image as he fought war with rana pratap
p2: who was salim?
me: akbar's son
p2: then who was jehangir?
me sir it is salim's other name
P2: then who is Shah jahan?
me: sir it is also name of salim ( it is a wrong answre, he is son of salim)
p2 : are you sure?
me : yes sir
p2 : sure?
me : very sure sir ( How could I do that, confident on wrong answere)
okay himanshu thank you than k you sir


pavan said...

all the roads lead you to gods own IIM
btw what is the shape of Bending moment diagram in case of uniform loading and point load.

Atul said...

gud one!